Friday, 16 November 2012

How Lovely People Are

I have had some shite times in my life (big one recently) but generally I have been lucky to find a man who loves and accepts me for who I am, a beautiful daughter who is just a perfect miracle, a supportive and loving family and some wonderful friends.  But these are things I work at…things I try and nurture….the surprises are those people whom I don’t know but show acts of kindness that are unexpected and kinda restore my faith in the human race.  Not on a huge scale just little kindnesses that take a little effort on their behalf but seem to be done so freely.

Three examples:

I am a bit of a luddite, perhaps you can tell but the pants look of my blog but trying to make it better just gets it all twisted up and I revert back to the basic!  There was a lovely person who worked in my team and she left to go have a baby, I didn’t know her very well but a little.  Unfortunately there were complications but her little Smidge (baby that is) is doing fine and all ok…phew!  She recently met me for coffee and spent at least 2 hours of her precious time to walk me through Twitter…not an easy task but she did and I thank her profusely.  She didn’t have to do this but it was the milk of human kindness…bless her.

The second is a blog I stumbled across recently called English Buildings and there is this chap who writes very eloquently and knowledgeably on…you guessed it…English Buildings.  Well it’s a fascinating blog and there was a house he looked at that I found interesting so I left a comment asking for the architect’s name.  He responded, obviously having done some work to find out.  Then I cheekily asked if he could recommend another house from the 19th century and he gave me lots of suggestions and also another chap got involved and offered more suggestions too.  How kind and generous that was, I am very grateful.

The third, I have a new opportunity to work (Saturday girl…not quite girl at my age but you get the drift!) at an Interior Design House called Ashton House Design I went in last weekend for initial day and was blown away by how sweet and welcoming they were.  My previous job was a bit cut throat really with lots of rivalries so this was unexpected and truly lovely.  The Principle Designer was fab and let me follow her around all day and couldn’t have been more attentive….the assistant designer was equally as lovely and both offered lots of information to a girl who knows diddly squat…they were very patient!!  Again kindness not expected.

So, just wanted to put in writing how lovely some people are and recognise their acts of kindness…..blimey all a bit soppy I know but it has to be done every now and again with genuine heartfelt gratitude not platitude!!! 


  1. Aahhh.... Coming right back at ya Michele! What a lovely post! X

  2. Michele is one of the lovely people, generous,has courage in spades, loving.....mind you I am her mother - and so I can say "this is my beloved daughter with whom I am well pleased"
    Happy Christmas Michele xxxxx

  3. What lovely things to say...see lovely people...told you. xxx