Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Christmas is nearly here!

Looking at so many wonderful blogs and pictures of impending Christmassy stuff right now.  It makes me very excited with all the possibilities for decorating the Christmas table and tree.  Take a look at this site and the wonderful way the table has been created…I do love it http://t.co/dPTZGuKS so atmospheric and evocative.  What do you think?

My own Christmas table will look slightly different….partly due to the fact I can’t afford Willaim Yeowood tableware…yes yes yes but I know its oh so gorgeous…..the other is it’s just me and my man this year as daughter is spending it with her young man’s family.  Tricky when ones little one leaves the nest!  So a slightly scaled down affair this year but doesn’t have to mean less glamorous.

Here’s some of my browsing’s for a table setting
Lovely but not sparkly enough
{MuralMax Interiors}
Ummmm too fruity
The right balance of fruitiness and quite gorgeous but not this year
Too sparkly…I know I wanted sparkly but it’s a finite balance isn’t it
Simple and beautiful but too formal I think………but on this kinda theme I think by Jove I might have found it

{Bond Ville}
Now this I love…lovely table setting with a little sparkle and perhaps I could try to re-create this with the baubles hanging above the table in a more muted silver….not too expensive, chic and simple to do.  I think I have my table setting sorted this Christmas now.  My sister will be so proud of me as she thinks about all this stuff in about October if not September, as she gets so excited about what she is going to do and her theme…me I just wing it usually but not this year as now have a different outlook on all things beautiful.  My eye is more decerning….im in training for that stuff you know!!


  1. Looks lovely! Number 2, definitely too fruity! You'll have to post us a pic of what you did in the end, hope it was fun, whatever you chose x

  2. Ha ha yes I thought so too. I went with the last idea and made a centre hanging decoration out of baubles but I also added some little silver birds to it for a bit of natures sparkle! Kitch but thats what Christmas was about for me this year! What did yours look Like? x