Thursday, 20 September 2012


Looking at fabrics today as a very dear friend of mine is re-decorating her living room and we were discussing colours.  I said I would have a scout around to give some ideas of possible fabrics for cushions.  My first thought was Liberty prints as she has a fireplace that has a distinct Art Nouveau style and this might give a little rhythm to the room.  We considered pink as an accent colour as she has Farrow and Ball Lichen on one wall and white on the rest.  The pink might just so the trick to add a little vibrancy, especially if she is bold enough to also decorate her bookcase in pink….were talking a bright pink here, not a baby pink…yuck that would be horrid.  Go to for more wonderful fabrics and there is a brilliant video about how the designers came up with their creations for A/W 12.
This one is Mauverina A Tana Lawn from the Liberty Art Fabrics collection.
And this one is Viola B Tana Lawn from the AW12 Embellishment story. This would be a bit of a curve ball as it has a dominant blue…but just maybe????
This fabric has different dimension of being cord which might add a different layer of texture and I love that idea,  Ianthe C Rossmore Cord from the AW12 Liberty Art Fabrics collection.
I love this one and again its cord, Kitty Grace A Rossmore Cord from the AW12 Liberty Art Fabrics collection
My friend is so clever with a sewing machine so making cushions will be a doddle and she could embellish (one of the continuing big trends for A/W 12) with some fab buttons from the V&A shop online ( as they have some on the theme of the ‘arts and crafts’ movement which would tie in with the prints above quite well.


  1. I love the third one down! Lichen is a great colour...had it in my old dining room - stole the idea from your lounge! X

  2. Said friend replies: Thank you so much for exploring fabrics for me. i love the first and fourth fabrics and the buttons are really nice. My only worry is that my confidence at using expensive fabrics is not quite there yet. Could i be cheeky and ask if you know of any cushions that i can purchase in similar fabrics and also ideas for contrasting coushions. I know i am being cheeky and lazy but i consider that is the luxury of having a good friend interested in interior design!!! :-) x