Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A little light learning!

Blimey who would have thought there were so many different types of vaulted ceilings?  I have been working on my interior design assignment and started to look at the space in a kitchen I’m making observations on…Ina Garten’s beautiful kitchen in her barn designed by Robert Stillen (look at who is a genius in simple functional beauty …and looked on Wikipedia to explore more about vaulted ceilings (as you can see from the picture below the kitchen has a vast vaulted ceiling) and found out there are dome, barrel, groin, rib, fan vaulted ceilings and then goes on to describe Byzantine vaults and domes, Romanesque , Gothic and Renaissance… much to look at and learn and was only seeing if Ina’s ceiling could be described as a vaulted one!

I do like this kitchen though and love the classic Hamptons style. If I ever achieved such heady heights as an interior designer I think I would like to create spaces that evoked a laid back functional vibe like this. Hay ho….back to learning for now eh!


  1. I bloody love Ina Garten!! Got nearly all her recipe books!

    1. Oh me too, I watch her programme and its like a comfort blanket. Just made her ginger cake yesterday...yum.