Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Sofa's everywhere!

I’ve been looking at lots of sofas recently as my sofas are pants.  I bought two new leather sofas from Furniture Village about five years ago and the leather is peeling and they look atrocious.  I’ve got to cover them with various throws and blankets to look half decent…not the look I was going for…that was more the warn in, slouchy, comfortable, aged and vintage look but instead got peeley horrid look.  WARNING beware what leather grade you are getting when purchasing new chairs or sofa or it will look like this!

I didn’t know that such a thing could happen to leather…just thought leather was leather…but noooooo!  So looking at new sofas so I can think about how much I might need to save to replace my two peeley ones!

Now I’m loving sofa.com and made.com as they really have some stunning little sofas at very good prices and Made.com has a sale on at the moment which increases the valueability, that is to the likes of redundant self!  Also loving the small collection by French Collection that DFS are collaborating with, especially the Coast sofa collection, yummy.

So I suppose I had better start saving in 2013!!

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